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The original
Safari Company

Guided fly-in safari tours and land tours in Africa

Image by David Clode

About Fly-In Safari Company

We are the original "FLY IN SAFARI" Company when it comes to guided FLY IN SAFARI TOURS in Africa. By making use of light aircraft as the main mode of transport between the destinations on your tour, we are able to eliminate long travel days on bumpy African roads, and avoid time consuming land-border crossings.

This means the majority of your precious holiday time is spent at the actual destinations, and not travelling there. We are the 'OG' of the 'FLY IN SAFARI TOUR'. This is our signature travel style.

All our tours and safaris are customized and offered on a private basis to ensure exclusivity and attention to detail. We offer both privately guided and independent tours and safaris.

The Fly in Safari Company was created in 2010. We are a family business, a twin brother and sister, born and raised in Africa. We have created our own unique travel style, our FLY IN SAFARI TOURS, and pride ourselves in being the original Fly in Safari Company.

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Fly-In Safari Tours

This is our signature safari style and the most exclusive way to travel in Africa. The advantage of a Fly in Safari Tour is that one can see more in a shorter timeframe by spending the minimum time traveling to destinations on scenic light aircraft flights, and the maximum time at the destinations. All our Fly in Safari Tours are custom designed for our guests and offered on a private basis.


Image by Hu Chen
Image by Hu Chen
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Land Tours

Although we specialize in Fly in Safari Tours, we understand this way of travel does not appeal to all travelers. For those who prefer to travel over land, let us know your preferences and we will custom design your dream safari or tour. Our land tours are professionally guided and offered on a private basis only.

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